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When a fridge is safely secured within a vehicle an MSA 4X4 FRIDGE BARRIER-DS60 separates the fridge from loose gear, adding greater protection from dents and scratches. Items can be packed around the MSA 4X4 FRIDGE BARRIER-DS60 while easy access to the fridge is maintained. No more unpacking the car to access the contents of a fridge. The gloss black powder-coated steel frame provides safety, strength and durability. MSA 4X4 blue anodised logos on both sides create a uniquely recognisable look. The practical side pockets are a great place to store stubbie coolers, cups, bottle openers and any other small items.

The MSA 4X4 range of Fridge Barriers is designed to fit perfectly around the complete range of MSA 4X4 Drop Slides and Straight Slides, while still allowing enough space for ventilation around a fridge to help avoid overheating. Easy to install, lightweight while maintaining the smallest possible footprint, saving valuable storage space within a vehicle. Securely position the fridge power cords away from the movement of the slide with the included bungee cord.


  • Glossy black powder-coated finish
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Practical side pocket
  • MSA 4X4 branded


  • Bungee Cord
  • MSA 4X4’s Lifetime Guarantee


Perfectly fits around a MSA 4X4 Drop Slide™ with the smallest possible footprint

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Weight 52.9 lbs / 24 kg
Freight Dimensions 91 × 65 × 14 cm
Barrier Length (mm) 865mm + 20mm Tab Extrusion
Barrier Width (mm) 685mm + 2 x 20mm Tab Extrusions
Barrier Minimum Height (mm) 525mm
Barrier Maximum Height (mm) 625mm
Weight (kg) 44.5 lbs / 20.2kg


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