Fridge Slides


Not sure which model will suit your chosen fridge, check out the MSA Fridge Slide Application chart HERE.

Drop Slides™

The Drop Slide™ provides unrestricted access to a fridge, toolbox or generator at a safe, convenient level.

The Drop Slide™ lowers 30 centimetres & extends out further over the tailgate in one safe, smooth, controlled motion. The platform remains in a horizontal position and avoids contact with the vehicle. There are alos models with integrated slide out tables.

Side Drop Slide™ models are also available, for applications where your Slide is better suited sideways.

Straight Slides

The MSA 4X4 Straight Slides are Australian designed & engineered to handle the toughest conditions. 

Straight Slides provide a simple and versatile, yet convenient solution to access your fridge in applications already at a low height.

There’s a flat mounting base for easy & secure fitment to the back of a vehicle. Featuring high-quality, overextension roller bearings that create a smooth, almost effortless slide-out and slide-in movement.

Power Drop Slides™

MSA 4X4 has now taken the original Drop Slide to the next level and completely removed all physical effort to raise and lower a fridge to an accessible height

Simply extend the slide and press the right-hand side control panel buttons to lower and raise the fridge. The function is smooth and effortless with the powerful twin 12-volt electric actuators doing all the work.

The Power Drop Slides™ also have integrated slide out tables.