Tool And Cutlery Roll

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No need to store your tools and cutlery in loud toolboxes or tubs that clatter around and distract you while you drive. The MSA 4×4 Tool and Cutlery Roll provide you with 10 pockets of various sizes for you to keep your tools and cutlery neat and organised.

The combination of elastics and heavy-duty double-layered 12oz canvas will keep your gear safe in place and prevent scratches to your vehicle’s interior.

The attached Velcro strap allows the roll to be wrapped up neatly into a compact size. This makes it easy for you to transport and store cutlery or tools without taking up unnecessary space.

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  • 60cm L x 40cm H when open
  • Heavy duty double layered 12oz canvas
  • Separate top flap and elastics to keep your tools & cutlery in place
  • 10 pockets of various sizes
  • 50mm Velcro seal seat belt wraps
  • Allows for safe and easy storage anywhere


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