Awning Bracket – Classic Tent

$95.00 Exc. Freight & Taxes

For 270 awnings such as our 270 XT Awning it is important that the bracket can support the weight of the awning in off-road conditions.  The awning bracket for the Classic Tent is made from 316 stainless steel and is supplied with stainless steel bolts and nyloc nuts required for fitment.

Holes need to be drilled into the side of the tent to attach the brackets and they can be positioned pointing either up or down depending on your needs and vehicle configuration and have been designed with a variety of laser cut holes and slots to be able to accomodate most brands of awning.  If installed in the upward pointing position, the spring steel pole for the tent’s rainfly needs to have an additional ‘dog leg’ bent into it to avoid contact with the awning arms.

For fitment to the Classic Clamshell Rooftop Tent, the bracket at the hinged end of a 270 degree awning should be position as close to the hinge as possible to provide support for the hing when in use.  The four supplied 70mm bolts are used to attach the bottom of the brackets to the tent and do not penetrate inside the tent cavity itself.  The four 20mm bolts are used to attach the top section of the bracket to the tent, these holes so penetrate into the tent cavity and a sealant such as Sikaflex should be used to seal around the holes.

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