Slat Extension Brackets

$50.00 Exc. Freight & Taxes

The Slat Extension Brackets have been designed specifically for the fitment of our Roof Top Tents to a vehicle where the supporting load bars on the vehicle cannot be aligned with the extruded rails on the underside of the tent.  The aluminium ‘Slat Extension’ is designed exactly the same as the extrusions on the underside of the tent and fits between two of the extrusions creating a ‘bridge’ for the load bar to attach to.

The Slat Extension Brackets come with all of the fittings required to attach the slat to the existing extrusion.  Fitment is very easy and the only tool required is a 13mm socket or spanner.  The only thing to remember is to slide the bot that will be used to secure to the load bar into position before you attach the slat to the extrusions.

You can check out the install video below to see how we use the Slat Extension Bracket for fitment to a custom canopy.

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