Rooftop Tent Load Bars

$98.00 Exc. Freight & Taxes

The Rooftop Tent Load Bars are 54″ (1380mm) long extruded aluminium and come in pairs with end stainless steel end caps and flush mounting feet plus stainless steel bolts and nuts required for fitment.  The bars and end caps have a matt black finish and the bars have been engineered and extruded on 3 sides to take M8 (5/16″) bolts or nuts enabling easy fitment of eye bolts for tie down straps or for fitment of other accessories such as The Bush Company recovery track brackets.

The roof of The Bush Company tents can hold up to 200Kg directly on the roof itself if required, but the load bars are designed to be fitted to the roof rails on the sides of The Bush Company rooftop tents providing additional tie down options and protection for the roof.  If you want to fit solar panels to the roof of your tent you can use the load bars to provide the option of still loading gear onto the roof of the tent without damaging  your solar panels bu fitting the panels between the load bars.

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