Pioneer Box

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The Bush Company’s Pioneer Box storage solution is perfect for protecting & organising your gear when touring and camping.  The boxes are made from tough polyethylene plastic with double skinned reinforced corners & integrated tie down points.  The lids have four strong ‘click to close’ catches and are grooved for stacking which prevents lateral movement when traveling.  The vertical sides of the box ensure maximum use of space and easier storage.

The Pioneer Box has four small drainage holes in the base, and although there is no rubber seal on the lid, the overlapping design and fit of the lid makes these boxes pretty much weather resistant for external storage.

There are also The Bush Company Divizers available for the Pioneer Box, these tough canvas zipped pouches with clear plastic lids  fit neatly into the Pioneer Box or a roller draw system.  Whether it is food,recovery gear,fishing equipment,clothes or the tools of your trade, The Bush Company’s Pioneer Box provides versatile and tough storage solution.

To see how tough these Ammo Boxes are, check out our destruction test video.

  • Material – Polyethylene
  • Size – OD 510mm L, 400mm W, 235mm H
  • Size – ID 445mm L, 335mm W, 205mm H
  • 4 Secure ‘Clip To Close’ Lid Catches
  • Reinforced corners with integrated tie down points
  • Grooved lid and bases for easy and secure stacking

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Pioneer Box Destruction Test - The Bush Company


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