Awning Bracket 3 Piece

$168.00 Exc. Freight & Taxes

The Awning Bracket 3 Piece is designed to be mounted to The Bush Company’s rooftop tents that have the ‘Ezi Slot’ channels in the frame of the tent.

The Awning Bracket 3 Piece is universal so can mounted to the left or right hand side of the tent.  For 270 awnings such as The Bush Company’s 270 XT™ Awning and especially the 270 XT MAX™ Awning it is important that the awning bracket can support the weight of the awning in off-road conditions, but can also cope with the twisting motion of the awning on its hinge when in use.

NOTE: if you need to mount the awning bracket pointing upwards due to your vehicle configuration, we recommend selecting the Spring Road Adapter with the awning bracket.  The Spring Rod Adapter eliminates the need to bend a ‘dog leg’ in the spring steel pole of your tent to clear the awning when deployed.

You can view the video of how to install the Awning Bracket here and a full review of the Spring Rod Adapter is in the description below.

In stock (can be backordered)